My Father's Place Guest House

Marigot, Dominica



My Father's Place Bar is open from ten in the morning until eleven at night. You can have dinner on request. The bar serves cool, refreshing, and local drinks.


Breakfast menu choices:
Juices (local) - Corn flakes with milk - Scrambled or cooked eggs - Bread- Butter - Cheese - Local Jelly - Coffee - Tea

Dinner menu choices: (Local food seasonal)

Appetizers: Fried plantain - Fried bread fruit - Codfish cake

Main dinner: Fish (ried, stew, baked) - Stew chicken, baked chicken, turkey, pork - Rice and Peas, red beans, lentils - Macaroni & Cheese - Cooked bananas, plantains, yams, dasheen

Salads: Tomatos - Coleslaw - Green salad

Desserts: Local bakery cakes - Coffee - Tea

Drinks: Non-alcoholic: Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Jucy, Quenchy, Malt, Water

Alcoholic: Rum (local Rums, Bacardi) - Rum & Coke - Rum Punch - Ginger wine - Wines (red wine, rosé)

My Father’s Place Special: (Bacardi, Ginger wine, ice)

Beer: Dominican local beer (Kubuli, Carib)




My Father's Place, 3511 Sandy Point, Marigot, Dominica
Phone: +1-767-445-7215 or
+1-201-620-5398 (USA)  E-Mail

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