My Father's Place Guest House

Marigot, Dominica

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#17   MariaeMail09.03.2017 - 00:50
Fantastic place where to stay. Deep sleep. Amazing family owner's. Cute and nicely decorated apartments. Clean. Wonderful dinner served. Highly reccomended!!!
Thank you very much

#16   Brian und MichelleHomepage25.05.2011 - 13:07
Walsh - it was great to be able to see you again and stay at My Father's Place during our recent trip. Your home is coming along beautifully - hope you will occupy it full-time some day soon!

All the best...

#15   Joseph JohnHomepage17.01.2010 - 18:27

Thanks for the wondeful stay at
My Father*s Place.
I will come again for sure.
John and Family

#14   Roswitha SchneidereMailHomepage01.08.2009 - 21:51
I am borne to look for best places in a paradise. - I found my "fathers place in Marigot - Dominika. A wonderful place to relax, for meditation and for spirit and for open the heard. I must go back to europe -
I will be come many time back to you.
thankes for a hyppy time in your house.

#13   David MICHAELeMailHomepage08.06.2009 - 00:50
Hello Mary und Michi
Thank you for your warm welcome to My Fathers Place Guesthouse in Marigot. I found the facilities to be outstanding in every regard. I will have no hesitation in highly recommending My Fathers Place to other visitors and other prospective visitors to Dominica. I am very glad I decided to spend the last day of my holiday in Marigot and My Fathers Place was conveniently located to meet all my needs locally. It was so much more relaxing than making the long drive from Roseau to Melville Hall airpor on the same morning. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Keep up your excellent efforts.
Best wishes.

#12   AnonymHomepage17.04.2009 - 06:17
i love the place would love to stay here on my next vacation i was refer by mr. edmond form new jersey great atmosphere!!! best of luck jorge florian njt....

#11   Brian of the Frozen NorthHomepage10.04.2009 - 20:47
On this, my second visit to Dominica, I was surprised to find that Marigot is such a busy and thriving community. Though it contains the Melville Hall airport, it is not on the list of "usual" tourist destinations, so one can enjoy the local sights without having to contend with hordes of other people. We were able to relax immediately upon arrival and even the night before we departed, instead of having to drive an hour or two to reach Portsmouth or Roseau.
We will be back! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

#10   Jones MileseMailHomepage09.10.2008 - 23:01

Just want to say thank you!

I had a wonderful stay at "My Fathers Place".
I cant wait to be back again. Hopefully with some friends from France.

#9   HermineeMailHomepage16.08.2008 - 15:29

Im very impressed with My Fathers Place.
It certainly looks like a place that I would like to stay when I’m on a vacation and also to recommend to my many acquaintances.

Best wishes to you all

#8   EthelcaeMailHomepage12.08.2008 - 22:37
Hi Sister Mary
I could look at the place all night. It just looks fantastic
Good work

#7   rita sue richardsoneMailHomepage06.08.2008 - 22:23
hello mary....mary...mary... the place looks great. great prices to the dominican on spirit airlines. might have to check this area instead of jamaica. hope all is well. i still think of meriam quite often. love and respect rita sue delray beach florida

#6   Edmond SylvestereMailHomepage29.07.2008 - 16:15

I love the new website, with the viewing of the surroundigs, very impressive.
Greetings to all,
Edmond Sylvester

#5   Darren SylvestereMailHomepage29.07.2008 - 12:21
Hi Auntie Mary/Michi

Congratulations on creation of this website.
Its very informative, professional and easy on the eye. Moreover, the pictures are of such a good quality - especially those that feature on the slideshow - that superlatives fail me. Keep up the good work!

Stay blessed.

Darren Sylvester

#4   Eric SchmidtHomepage29.07.2008 - 08:51

Hallo zusammen,

Eine super Webseite, informativ und viele schöne Bilder die zum Verweilen in Dominica einladen. Ich hoffe das viele Gäste dort verweilen wollen.
Ich für meinen Teil freue mich heute schon im Frühjahr 2009 dort sein zu können.

Viele Grüße
Eric Schmidt

#3   SuzifilmeMailHomepage29.07.2008 - 08:04
My Fathers place website is very impressive - what a wonderful job.

May God Bless and protect the sylvesters Family in Jesus Name.

Ben Oben Mkpot

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